Gives you the mnemonic phrase or whatever it's called

Nico P
Do backup your keys

Just copy paste the mnemonic backup. 👌

^^^ anyone complaining above please be patient as the admins say. They're here to help and guide you; not lie. The majority of members here have participated in the first round of lottery numbers as well and everything is fine. New systems need some refinement. Not a big deal.

It’s the same situation as NEM (xem)

I think networking inventory and order execution for decentralized exchanges that are currently plagued with anemic order flow is huge

So now app is saying my mnemonic don't match

The banks and governement are spreading a lot of fud

Ich halte in Moment Looping in meinem myetherwallet. Doch so wie ich das jetzt verstanden habe klappt der AirDrop nur mit neo

Wird dann mein loopring Token in einem neo loopring umgewandelt :?

Matthias Coppersmith
Nein es wird nur geprüft wie viele Tokens du auf der ETH Chain hast und du bekommst dann die jeweilige Menge an LRN auf dein neo wallet gutgeschrieben

Aso. Wenn ich in mein etherwallet 100 Stück z. B. Habe. Bekomme ich dann 100 LRN in meinem neo wallet? Werden dann irgendwann die LRC in meinem MEW wertlos sein ? Da die dann auf LRN wechseln

So am i right in saying we have to enter private key into this LRC wallet to unlock Ethereum wallet!? Sounds pretty dodgey!

Not true. If you go to the website, the recommended options they give are to use MetaMask, Trezor, or Ledger Wallet. You do have the option to use your private key, mnemonic, or keystore but they do NOT recommend it and it's in big red letters to not do so.

Desson 🇸🇪
i mean, does your ledger have it's own adress?

Ledger bruker en mnemonic seed på 24 ord for å generere adresser til alle støttede kryptovaluta, dette gjøres via en standard som heter BIP 39. Ingen av dine valuta befinner seg på Ledger, men på Blockchain. Ledger er bare nøkkelen for å få tilgang.

Actually, here you go. Get your mnemonic phrase from imtoken and use it to view with myetherwallet

Shud i move lrc to loopr wallet before doing the binding? I don't have ledger

If whatever your LRC is stored on now requires a private key or keystore to unlock the wallet, you can use the same method to view your crypto in the Loopr2 wallet... however, wallets that require mnemonic phrases will not be applicable

you can log into any eth wallet with all 3 (private key, keystore or mnemonic)????

I’m not sure if you’re asking me, or telling me😆 but in the Loopr2 interface I didn’t see a mnemonic option.

just saying the last sentence in your comment "however, wallets that require mnemonic phrases will not be applicable" doesnt make sense and is a little confusing

just saying the last sentence in your comment "however, wallets that require mnemonic phrases will not be applicable" doesnt make sense and is a little confusing

Oh, yeah I get ya! To clarify, you must have your own keys, (not a mnemonic seed wallet) to open Loopr2... someone had asked about eidoo, that is a mnemonic seed wallet, though there is a process you can go through to retrieve your pvt key, which may save eidoo (or similar wallet) users from having to transfer funds

NEWS! since today, NEM (XEM) has officially launched trading on the exchange paired with BTC

I may be out of the loop, what is the correlation between NEM (XEM) and Loopring? Im not that familiar with it.

Over the last two weeks, we have implemented signing and submitting orders by just scanning their QR code. We have also simplified wallet creation by allowing users to skip mnemonic verification. Besides, we have continued improving the user experiences and implementing new features. The formal iOS app will be launched this July.

also, why does it ask for a password to access wallet via mnemomic

For airdrop purposes, please note: if you create a new wallet in UP, you can’t bind it from within the app. So easiest thing to do would be to take your previously bound address, and import it into UP using the import button. (Which you’ll enter your mnemonic, or private key, or keystore file).

Is this wallet support LRN airdrops ?

You can not bind the address from within the wallet, but you can import a bound address and then make a P2P trade easily from it to satisfy that requirement. Have you bound your address already? If so, how do you access your wallet? Loopr, MEW / mnemonic, hardware?

Bo Han
hey do i need to update upwallet ro see the teading conp icon?

Yes (depending on when you last downloaded it). Simply redownload from site, you don’t need to delete it first. Please make sure u have ur mnemonic just in case :).

It’s anemic right now

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I know I submitted my eth wallet from

Hi Mark. If you have your private keys to your wallet (or mnemonic phrase, keystore) you are ok.

Anemic volume now and in coming years

Jay_loopring [email protected]
I would say its kinda undervalued.

@tombudd thanks Jay. Why do you say that when our adoption is anemic ?

Hey all. Last night's Ethereum, DeFi, and Loopring meetup went very well! A lot of people digging in to the space and impressed with what Loopring v3 will mean for them and their trading safety 🙌. The talk was recorded, and I will share when it's up.

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