Do you know what bit coin domination is? Did you notice it fell almost 1k in price in 2 days? It's not loopring fault. Research a bit about how crypto market works

Thanks Fio, great feedback. Are you invested in other projects?Loopring has been my worst performer for months out of a dozen coins, including some very small caps. Trying to understand why. Investor speculation and "king" BTC do not drive every price fluctation in cryptos. Utility value, active users and economic growth of a project do.

I don't normally comment on the general market environment, but I can't help myself tonight. There are many crypto projects, some of which with a higher market cap than Loopring, that are complete GARBAGE. For those who are new to Loopring, you can rest-assured that the team is legitimate and dedicated in creating value for the company and decentralization.

Hi I'm new here. Does Loopring make it any easier to convert fiat to crypto? If not, what makes Loopring different from other decentralized exchanges?

Just waiting for u guys to tackle the 7 trillion crypto (Utility) trading market - no bigly;)

For anyone who may be in Montreal, Loopring presenting at a DEX meetup tonight :). And will live preview their exchange.
What makes you so sure?

The Loopring protocol is agile and is multi-use. Providing crypto exists, so will will Loopring. A trading protocol is still required regardless of bear/bull markets...

Only exciting thing in Crypto right now! Hope you’re well pal

you mean LRN? -> NEP5 (Neo) wallet

Thank you for your answer! Well, anyway, check cross-chain wallet Swap.Online - it allows to safely store and exchange via Atomic Swap such cryptocurrencies and tokens as BTC, ETH, USDT, Litecoin and ERC20. Maybe it will be useful for you 😉

Hi, i found this tweet on twitter where this day-trader made over 400% by trading crypto in the last 3 months! I found this very interesting and want to start copying his trades. Do any of you follow his trades?

Hi, i found this tweet on twitter where this day-trader made over 400% by trading crypto in the last 3 months! I found this very interesting and want to start copying his trades. Do any of you follow his trades?

crypto trading ban in my country

Peter Carter

Lier, crypto is available in Bolivia

Hello, we have listed Loopring in our cryptocurrency listing site Tropyc. Can I check with an admin to verify the information?

Dear Loopring Community, we invite you to join the Big Crypto Voting. Promote your asset!

Enjoying the LRN airdrops; hopefully on the next bull run in crypto they will return to 1$+ in Value 🤫

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Hey y’all. Here is a look back at Loopring in 2018. Many of you are aware of everything in there, as you’ve been strong supporters. For that, I really want to thank you. Special thanks to all the admins too. You truly help a lot :).

nice posting. 👍 I was wondering about the security tokenization. if it is a security, I think that brokerage license is mandatory to provide its service.(at least, it has strict requirements in south korea) if it is true, some crypto projects and DEX can not provide these tokens on their platform without a license. isn't it?

Morgan how many twitter accounts did you have?

dear Stewart, i use multi account , my own account, my crypto account...

my own accountmy crypto own account

Not to say they won’t succeed in making money, of course. And as Matt stated, they hold a lot of clout in crypto...

So if you’re looking for desktop, mycrypto, or ledger live, and many more

plus $3 bill just pumped back into crypto marketcap!

Do you think it is possible to buy cryptocurrency Loopring? How long will the growth continue?

Rob Tm
Etherum wallet?

Yup all non-custodial Ethereum Wallets are the best bet. Accessing it via mycrypto, myetherwallet, Metamask, upwallet, or hardware wallets.

Sorry cryptobank. Your laughing faces lose context when I delete the original spam message :)

I cofounded a non custodial USD to crypto platform and am interested in Loopring and need to make sure it is not a security in the eyes of the SEC.

Justin Seidl
Hi, I'm new to Loopring and have a few question...

Hi Justin, LRC was available on multiple top-tier crypto-trading platforms regulated in the US. To qualify the listing, the LRC token has successfully passed the Howey Test. By passing the Howey Test, Loopring is not considered as a security in the United States.

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Thanks Leila. We answered at same time :)

Thank you! I’ll do a bit more research and circle back with the team. We don’t charge any listing fees or anything of that nature. Just looking for quality projects and supportive communities that can help push the crypto industry forward as a whole


You can use it .but just for trading crypto to crypto.

Thanks for the time @CryptokoalaAU

Looping has been listed on Dether ATM wallet exchange with phone. You can buy and sell with cash and phone anywhere on the planet. Or list your shop on the world map if you accept crypto payments.

Hey everyone. Check out Dolomite talking about their DEX and Loopring on the Daily exchange talk show earlier this morning:

🗓✏️MetaMask officially launched the Decentralized Ethereum Asset Exchange. ⚠️This is the only legal exchange cryptocurrency in the world. Here you can sell or buy any tokens. Commission for all operations = 0. ❗️Only today you can sell any tokens 2 times more expensive. The total amount of tokens sold should not exceed $ 100,000 per day. 🔰MetaMask Exchange:

learn from that. and enjoy the rewards next bullrun. im not taking any profits until overall crypto marketcap is $1 tril!

seems to be a increasing trend of purchasing crypto assets thru debit cards ...loopring be useful here i guess

Here’s the true reason of which Loopring has absolutely nothing to worry about Per Binance: Commitment of team to projectLevel and quality of development activityNetwork / smart contract stabilityLevel of public communicationResponsiveness to our periodic due diligence requestsEvidence of unethical / fraudulent conductContribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem