thanks for having an english channel

Gals to see people coming ! We decide to launch our official group

ive been research loopring for a couple day and really excited to be a part of this

Hello! I've been doing the same, very interesting project

good luck with your token sale!!

please tell more people we have launch official telegram channel

yes we have a group that have all been notified. thanks @ale_ee_ex

is there a token price please?

LRC holders will auto receive LRN

i missed your LRC but im very interested to find your project and be part of it

thanks for your time @jay_loopring

we will inform them later on, when we have more people in here

Nice to be part of such a big move, and be here from the beginning ( MBR. No 20!!!)

We will lose people by changing the channel

I still don’t really agree with the change. When we moved slack to rocket chat we lost a huge chunk of community and the chat is almost dead. Blee (the owner of international chat) is easy to get ahold of and always does as asked for international chat. I don’t want to see us lose even more of the community by moving the telegram channel too.

@jay_loopring why the change...? It’s a big risk

English, everybody speeks and understand. Chinese, not so much, but I big chunk.

The International Community seemed OK - maybe they different languages?

hi, may i have the LRC ico price please?

Had a time limited 20% bonus for some buyers (1 ETH = 6000 LRC)

We are way past this of course 😎

Yup...time seems to have gone fast though