Wtf, only 1 token 😂😂, You better keep it yourself 🤣

Give 1 token for airdrop 😁😁..your team is keading here..

Only 1Token Received 😂😂

İ not received token

Where is admin?

Dear members,Less than two days left until the big pump. Less than two days and we will unite and mass buy a coin. While mass buying, our social media specialists will spread bullish news on some massive social media channels. The news combined with the upgoing price will make outsiders (people that are not in Lion Signal ) FOMO, this will make the coin rise even further. After this price rise, slowly sell your coins. Instead of one order, place a couple.📍 ⬅️

İ want my token

When the ICO end ?

Gotta love that $0.12cent airdrop😅